Our club stewards

As characteristic of any university club, a major challenge for UStABC is loss of continuity between Committees. Each four year complete membership turnover brings a loss of knowledge and experience of those who have driven the Club in the past.

Our network of Club Stewards, made up of Boat Club alumni, are tasked with advising and assisting, where necessary, the student Committee of UStABC and the Director of Rowing, in order to continue to develop the Club on and off the water and to drive towards our shared strategic vision and our central aim; to win more. Differing from our all-encompassing Alumni & Supporters Club, Eden BC, our Club Stewards are selected to assist in the governing of UStABC in a practical and strategic sense.

Led by our Honorary Club Captain, appointment as a Club Steward recognises outstanding and exceptional service, over and above the expected level, in order to improve the St Andrews rowing environment and experience for future generations. This exceptional service may be in a variety of different fields, such as performance, strategy, operations, governance or any other contribution deemed appropriate by the incumbent Stewards. As stipulated by our Club Constitution, a maximum of one Steward may be appointed each year, selected by the incumbent Stewards with the Honorary Captains elected every four years by the UStABC Committee.