Autumn Training Camp

Fergus Knight
Saturday 26 October 2019

All four squads enjoyed an intense and team-focused week during training camp. While the senior crews prepared for Fours Head, the novice teams improved drastically in technique and fitness.

Located in Dumfries and Galloway, Loch Ken provided the club with an opportunity to row on a 9-mile stretch of freshwater. The five-day trip also allowed teams to grow closer; from friendly-competitive racing to social events in the evenings.

The senior squads took advantage of the length of the Loch, in order to prepare themselves for Four’s Head. Having had the space to row a lengthier distance compared to that available at our home-base, Loch Ore, the Senior crews were able to put their long-distance erging to the real test. This ultimately increased team spirit and fitness, which will make seat-selection for Four’s Head over the next week much more difficult.

The increase in water sessions and sunnier weather throughout the week also allowed our BUCS medallists, Lydia Theos and Kirstin Giddy, to prepare for their GB trials at the start of November. Picking up from the success they brought to the club last season, we wish them the best of luck.

Meanwhile, both novice coaches were incredibly thrilled with the progress their squads made. Due to a record-breaking number of novice rowers, coupled with limited training capacity, the novices had the freedom to row uninterrupted and grow as a team. The Novice Women mastered rowing in-time together, while the Novice Men took up sweeping; which in previous years was taught much later in the season. Both squads are looking extremely promising this year.

A big thank you must go out to Steven Kerr for helping coach our teams, and preparing them for GB trials and Four’s Head. We cannot wait to see the results this season will bring.

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