Scottish Indoor Championships

Tuesday 26 November 2019

On Saturday 23rd the Novice squads took on the Scottish Indoor Champions. The Novices broke previous club records with three teams medalling.

While the Senior teams competed at Fuller’s Head of the River Fours, 32 novices joined by their coaches Aidan Graham and Monty Jones, competed near Glasgow. Having only joined rowing in September, the results were incredibly impressive; with some athletes’ splits being on par with the seniors.

Many broke personal PBs and 3 teams placed within the top 3 in the relay events. The relay race increased to 2000 metres this year, meaning that the novices went above and beyond previous records.

The men’s relay team consisted of George Ahl, Sebastian Petterson, Quenton Hurt, and Lewis Gladwin. The boys placed comfortably in first position and have been the only novice team in recorded history to have done so.

Amongst the girls’ team, the light blue all-in-ones dominated the heats for the relays as we sent an impressive 21 girls this year. The podium was dominated by the same athletes who secured both second and third to the millisecond – at 7:01.3. Congratulations to Aoife Doyle, Robyn Taylor, Caitlin Spencer, Sarah Booher, Olivia Reeves, Margaret Mitchell, Ava Rawson, and Ellie Bain for their success in the team relays.

The coaches were incredibly impressed with the team spirit that every individual athlete displayed; particularly noting that despite how tired they were following their heat; they push it all back to ensure they were still cheering for their fellow teammates.

Having seen how successful our Novice squads were at their very first competition, we are extremely excited to see what the team can bring when putting this strength onto the water next semester.

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