NAME OUR BOATS: UStABC’s Coastal Rowing Fundraiser

Alice Vine
Thursday 23 December 2021

UStABC have recently become trailblazers in the world of coastal rowing! Taking advantage of  easy access to the sea and suitable conditions, we have recently taken the first few steps in establishing a Coastal Rowing programme within the club.

We sent a small group of athletes to the 2021 British Offshore Coastal Championships in July, securing one gold and two silver medals – a ground-breaking performance for a University club. Moreover, two of our athletes joined the GB Coastal Development Group. Since then we have started to run Coastal Rowing sessions at East Sands in St Andrews as part of our training, taking advantage of the incredible coastal venue we have on our doorstep.

We want to build on this momentum and encourage the wider community to participate in coastal rowing by fundraising for communal essential safety equipment such as life jackets, wetsuits and beacons that will help us train all year round.

This equipment will help us to:

  • widen accessibility by lowering financial barriers
  • create year-round opportunity for coastal rowing
  • retain more recreational and novice rowers
  • create better training opportunity for high-level rowers
  • encourage more people to safely enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty on our doorstep

Where will the money go?

  • £50 gives the club a life jacket
  • £80 gives the club a wetsuit
  • £100 gives the club a VHF radio
  • £3000 gives the club a personal locator beacon for offshore rowing
  • £500 gives the club wetsuits to cover two large crews

Donate a gift to help us realise our goal and become part of the Boat Club’s history by having a chance at naming one or more coastal boats of our new fleet :

  • For a donation of £15, you can submit a name for one boat
  • For a donation of £25, you can submit a name for two boats
  • For a donation of £50, you can submit a name for all six boats
  • For a donation of £500, you can have an exclusive naming right to a boat! (the final approval of the name will be at the discretion of the University)

We are already well on our way to our £1500 target, but any and all donations are welcomed and we appreciate the support in helping us kickstart this exciting venture for the club. Polish up your creativity and submit your names between now and 16th January!

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